Summer’s End

Labor Day Weekend is upon us all and this always starts the “un official” end of summer. While just taking a moment to reflect on my summer here in Greer, I found the most simple way to explain what my summer months were all about. So, presented below is a short poem written July 25, 2019 while I enjoyed a morning in Greer City Park. If you are local to Greer then, you know what beauty there is in this unique place. Feel free to leave a comment about your summer, “like” “heart” or share this post with others. I would enjoy hearing from you. So, here is my poem aptly entitled, “The Park”.

My breakfast in the park A great way my day to start

This peace stills my heart and sets a healthy mark

I need some time to “be” I have been so tired you see Just craving time with me and Thee

The summer has come and is almost gone; no regrets for what’s not done. God will surely lead me on.

Though I cannot sit here long my time with you will our song.

Like bottled hope this view I scope will be my joy; So that I have no time to mope.

God is good you see with all the world in front of me, how can I but believe in Thee.

Many birds around me sing sounds of nature they do bring.

Thank you God for my time in the park, a great way my day to start.


Photo & Poem by Diane Buie


Greer City Park, Summer of 2019

One of the places I enjoyed visiting this summer was the local park where I live in Greer, SC. This is a place near where I live that offers me a lot of comfort when I visit here.

Taking a walk before the heat of the day was one of the many things I appreciate about our city park. The swings by the water fountain are another favorite spot in the park that I find relaxing and peaceful. I can often sit here among the birds, water, flowers, and sunshine and I will find myself immersed in writing a story, poem, or an article of some kind. The noise of nature is calming and peaceful to me. It is here that I find rest and I can talk more intimately with God. Soon, whatever troubles I am facing will often find an answer or a solution when I seek solace here.

What about you? Where do you go to find peace and contentment? Do you have a favorite spot in your community that really speaks Gods’ wisdom to you? Is there a verse of scripture that seems relevant to you in your special place? If so, please share it below. I would enjoy hearing from you.

When I spend time in my local park, I think of Psalm 23. These words are just as cleansing to my soul as the sounds of water is refreshing to my mind.

I hope you will take time today to enjoy something in your part of the world that brings your soul some care. This may be the greatest gift you can give yourself and one that offers your life renewal.