A song & video by my brother David Buie.

I am creating a very brief blog post today due to personal reasons and personal obligations. I hope this song reminds you of the time and place you chose Jesus as your Savior. If you have a moment, leave a response and share when you decided to follow Christ.

I made this life changing choice during a youth retreat around age 16. I believe it was the month of June. After several teachers in church and in school as well as parents and a few friends, I made this decision for myself. As a preacher’s kid, I grew up in a Christian home. Knowing about God, The Bible, and Jesus were as common as breathing in my family. 🙂 This was and is a blessing! But, choosing to make Jesus my own friend and savior was something my parents taught us is something that everyone must decide on their own at some point in life.

Even being over 5o years old now, this is still the greatest choice and the greatest joy in my life. What about you?