Summer Book Review: Suddenly Forever by Teresa Tysinger

One of the best things about my summer was having time to read a few new books. I am happy to say, I was glad to be a part of Teresa Tysinger’s street team for her upcoming book, Suddenly Forever. It is funny though, because I normally don’t choose clean romances to be a part of my TBA pile (To be Read). But, when it comes to Teresa’s books, I really can’t help myself in reading them!

Teresa’s book deals with hope in the midst of dark grief and pain among the lives of the characters who reside in Laurel Cove, N.C. It is a beautiful place to come home to, even if you are just reading about this peaceful place. The three characters, who are neighbors in Laurel Cove, make unlikely friends as they each harbor secret suffering that only by living on the lake will they find the inner peace they all three so long for.

The novel offers readers three individuals; a best selling author, a widow, and a Pulitzer prize winning photojournalist, whose stories are about to collide in ways that you will find out when you read the book!

Suddenly Forever is due out October 6th but, you can pre order the book at the link provided here. Don’t miss this compelling story.

Lessons I Learned from 9/11/2001

Lessons I Learned from 9/11/2001

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

The day the Twin Towers Fell in New York, America

Almost twenty years have passed and I can still recall where I was when my small part of the world saw the terrifying events take place in New York that fateful September day. I was in seminary (Campbell Divinity School, NC) and sitting in a class with Dr. Pam Durso. She was professor in Church History.

Sitting with classmates, we were all shocked when another professor stepped into our room and told us what was happening with the terrorists as they flew planes into The World Trade Center. Still in shock at what was happening, my classmates and I began to form small prayer groups as we watched the events still unfolding on TV.

Many of my friends were mission minded and we all wanted to board a bus or a plane and help those in NY who were running down the street or, we wanted to help the fire fighters carry victims up and down those many flights of stairs. We wanted to do something but, helplessly we could only watch. We could also pray.

So, my classmates and I did. We prayed for the terrorists. We prayed for the President. We prayed for the world. We prayed for those running down the street from the ash falling form the sky. We prayed and we prayed. What else could we do? We were so helpless to do anything tangible yet, we could do the next most powerful thing; we could pray. The biblical book of James tells us, “the prayers of the righteous avail much.”

Only God know what those prayers did that day. What about you? Do you still find yourself praying, even these many years later, at times when you feel helpless?

Another lesson I learned during that time was from my friend, Roxann. She taught me not to live in fear. After those attacks in NY and in other places around America, more security in public places was becoming the norm. That fall and winter, our local airports were filled with military personnel to ensure safety. Even locally, security and safety were a number one issue for all of us.

My two friends, “R” and “G”, invited me to spend Christmas in Arizona with them; that meant, travelling by plane. Fear began to rise within my thoughts and wondered if I could really take the risk. But, having two great friends (who held my best interest at heart), their words and pleas were convicting and I agreed to go.

What an amazing adventure my friends and I had that Christmas! Such a treasured memory shared with two spiritual sister type ladies, I would have missed such a blessing If I had given into the fear.

How about you? What fears do you need to let go of so you can enjoy God’s gifts of adventure, friendships, and experiences? I pray that both you and I, dear reader, will continue to live in the help, hope, and joy of God’s Word and of His spirit. Living any other way is just not living!

What lessons has 9/11/01 taught you? What do you need that event to teach you? Where were you on 9/11/2001?

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What’s in A Name?

What’s in A Name?

The Family Buie

O Seek Heavenly Things *

Learning and searching one’s genealogy can be fun as well as extremely time consuming. It takes a lot of reading, researching, and even some writing to fully gain the understanding of the history of one’s family name. My own family name, “Buie”, has it’s deep roots in the country of Scotland on an island called, Jura. According to many records from various sources on genealogy, those in my family’s history called, Buie, made an impact on the world in which they lived. Like so many other family’s, they were believers in Christ, they fought for truths and values they believed in, and they held jobs from doctors, chaplains, fisherman, soldiers, farmers, and many other types of careers. The family motto of the Buies (when they lived in clans of Scotland) sums up all that really matters in this world. You can find those words in the phrase listed below the photo of my family’s crest; “O seek heavenly things.” What a great name that has eternal, spiritual meaning. I am proud to be from the family of Buie.

The Bible tells us, in Proverbs 22:1, that a “good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favor than silver or gold.” I am reminded of God’s words and the importance He places on our actions, character, our words, and how we treat others. When I get distracted by all this world offers us, I often can moan of my lack of financial success or my lack of prestige. This type of thought takes me far away from what God says truly matters. Then, I end up more stressed than I need to be. Living my life encompassing all that my family name means gives me a purpose for my daily life.

Having God as a spiritual father means my family name (spiritually speaking) has strength, power, hope, grace and love for myself and for others. It is a wonderful thing to be part of God’s family. Being a child of God puts me into a larger group of believers who, like the book of Hebrews 12:1 says, is a “great cloud of witnesses.” These heroes of faith serve as encouragers for our own race of life on this earth. These believers are our family that one day we will see again, if we believe in Christ’s death and resurrection. What a blessing to have a name that includes a loving, encouraging family. It’s great to know and to feel that I am loved by such a wonderful family. Also, this spiritual family gives me tremendous purpose for living as well.

What about you, friend? What is in your family’s name? Are you living like a child of God? If so then, praise God. If not, why not? What kind of legacy does your family’s name have for you? What purpose does your family’s name provide for your life?

*(P.S. The Buie family crest/motto was painted and created by my brother David Buie. It was a gift to my parents many years ago. This hangs in my parents home today.)

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