Summer’s End

Labor Day Weekend is upon us all and this always starts the “un official” end of summer. While just taking a moment to reflect on my summer here in Greer, I found the most simple way to explain what my summer months were all about. So, presented below is a short poem written July 25, 2019 while I enjoyed a morning in Greer City Park. If you are local to Greer then, you know what beauty there is in this unique place. Feel free to leave a comment about your summer, “like” “heart” or share this post with others. I would enjoy hearing from you. So, here is my poem aptly entitled, “The Park”.

My breakfast in the park A great way my day to start

This peace stills my heart and sets a healthy mark

I need some time to “be” I have been so tired you see Just craving time with me and Thee

The summer has come and is almost gone; no regrets for what’s not done. God will surely lead me on.

Though I cannot sit here long my time with you will our song.

Like bottled hope this view I scope will be my joy; So that I have no time to mope.

God is good you see with all the world in front of me, how can I but believe in Thee.

Many birds around me sing sounds of nature they do bring.

Thank you God for my time in the park, a great way my day to start.


Photo & Poem by Diane Buie