Celebrating Freedom

This weekend, those of us in America (or, are Americans), have a unique opportunity to enjoy a holiday called, Fourth of July. This event has been around for quite a while so, it is a common day in which we can plan for and enjoy our families and friends. Most of the time, I end up at my parents home (along with any of my siblings and their families) where we often grill out, feast, hang out and then, shoot a few fireworks. Usually, our day spent together goes well and we end up laughing a lot, picking on each other in nice ways, and then, the finale is of course, the fireworks display. There is something about those sparkling lights and loud booms that give us all a sense of joy and of hope.

To pause in our busy lives and reflect on our nation’s history is an incredible gift. To look back into our past we can see ways to project and plan for a brighter future. We can work to leave a legacy so generations that come behind us will find us faithful in honoring traditions, celebrations, and even in respecting and appreciating history. This in itself is a grand gift.

So, it is with our spiritual faith too. We have times when we can pause and give praise to God for His gifts of freedom to us as well. If you are a follower and believer of Jesus Christ then, you are well aware of the price it cost Him to give us such freedom. What a gift of joy and hope we have as we celebrate our spiritual lives in God!

I pray this July Fourth weekend is a safe and joyful one. I pray you find a few moments to pause and thank God for His many gifts He has given us. As believers and followers of Christ, we have many reasons to celebrate this weekend, as well as to celebrate every day that we live. I pray the fireworks, music, food and people in your lives only give a spark to your spirit so God can continue to live and work in your life. Happy Fourth and Enjoy the Celebration of Freedom!

I painted this earlier this summer with a group called, Truth Be Told Art. Our instructor was Anne Marie. You can find her and her art events on FB.

“Lost in all the trees”

I can sometimes get so fixated on my own life and daily needs, problems, and concerns that I fail to see the many activities of life on planet earth. I can sometimes be so bogged down that when I finally have the attention to realize the vastness and activities of our globe (and the entire solar system around us), these things usually take my breath away. You know that phrase, ” Can’t see the forest for all of the tress?” Well, that is me so many times. What about you? Ever get lost in the all the trees? Ever get so consumed with life that you forget there is much living going on around you?

Scrolling though Facebook the other day, I caught the video post of America’s next NASA launch into the deep seas of space. I was caught with surprise at the realization of the huge tasks those astronauts face as they venture onto that powerful launchpad and step further into a massive adventure that exceeds my own feeble, little brain. It was such a sight to behold, for me, as my eyes were tired and weary. Seeing this launch in Florida, USA I felt the life, movement, and excitement of the venture these brave astronauts were to embark on. What joy to know this is happening outside my doors , so to speak.

Pausing & breathing, my vison clears and my head relaxes- “wow, what a wonderful world”, right?! ( I think this is a song! 🙂 .) So, I think of God, of course, and meditate on Scripture that reminds me of God’s tremendous vastness. Yet, in all of His enormous holiness, God is small enough to know my name. He cares and loves me as a parent does their child. He is my friend. He is always with me and He leads my life. I am so grateful to know God and am happy to be His friend.

When I view the second space launch this weekend, I think my spirit will rise within me as those astronauts are catapulted into the wind and soar further into space. What a perspective they will have once they are in orbit. God has a larger perspective on His creation; Isaiah 40:22, describes God’s greatness as so huge, humanity is likened to being small like a “grasshopper”. Talk about point of view, perspective, and authority; God is the epitome of greatness. What a beautiful moment of worship.

What about you? Are you getting lost today? Do you need a time of rest and renewal? Find a moment to worship God today and let that experience shape and mold your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Such a simple thing to do (pausing to worship) but, its’ impact will change lives for His good.


(Scripture verse from NASB translation)

converted PNM file

Image from NAA official Website: NASA/JPL/USGS

Image taken by the Galileo space mission in 1998 on its return voyage to Earth.

From the Holy Bible: ” In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1

What’s True

What’s True

Sharing a poem by my brother David. We share a love of poetry; reading it and writing it! 🙂

David's Place

want this battle,

fight this fight.

in the darkness,

I’m scared of the light.

in the shadows,

all is lost.

But I
see a little hope,

At the
foot of the cross.

running blind,

I forget
I’m free.

to the chains,

They want
to put on me.

I feel
a little weary,

Like a
wayward son.

He whispers,
I’m here,

Til the
day is done.

I finally

I am.

the power I need,

Is the
blood of the lamb.

no game,

To seek
what’s true.

me Jesus,

I run from you.



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