Plan B

Plan B

I carry in my purse, a notepad I picked up from a thrift store. The cover caught my eyes and I just had to have it, especially after I read the poem inside.

As you can see from the photos above, the title is called, Life Is All About Plan B. The poem inside tells a quick thought about how we all love Plan A. Plan A is where everything works out just as we planned. Nothing goes wrong in this plan.

But, life can really throw some curve balls and events and people can enter our lives so nothing seems familiar. “What do I do then?”, the poem asks? Do I throw in the towel? Do I scream or whine? Do I see the interruptions as God and His hands in my life? Do I choose to be stronger in my faith in Him than I usually am? Do I choose to roll with the flow and make the best I can of the situation?

This poem reminds me that I have a choice about how I respond to the changes that seem to crash into my life from moment to moment. The Bible tells me so many things about how to live in God’s strength. I think of passages like, ” I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” I recall a verse that reads like this, ” A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” Hhmmm, sounds like my character should be one that chooses the wiser things of God. Another verse reads, “My grace is sufficient for you.” As a follower of Christ, there is always hope in the midst of a mess.

What about you, friend? How do you chose to respond to the many changes life can bring? What offers you help and hope as you try to overcome the difficulties? How is your character developed in trying times? Who or what do you turn to for spiritual help? How do you handle Plan B?

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“Call to Me”

“Call to Me”

Sometimes a picture can say a thousand words. So, today’s blog is all about what I am needing this weekend; some answers to the many questions and concerns in my life. I need some “R &R.”

As someone who enjoys being creative and often lacks the time to participate in those fun, crafty, artsy projects; I am reminding myself that spending time with the one, true artist (God) is the most important thing to do before anything else this weekend/day. If I don’t spend the time and effort to be with God and with His Word then, I miss the benefits of His presence.

I hope this short blogpost gives you the permission to spend time with God today (and every day) so I can enjoy a life of more peace, love and joy. I am sure I will find the answers I need for my life when I do what God’s Word urges me to do.

Happy Weekend! Enjoy your time with God as well.

A picture can say a thousand words. What does this photo say to you?

“Too Blessed To Be Stressed?”

These are gifts I won from author, Debora Coty, who has a series of books with the same title as above; Too Blessed To Be Stressed. 🙂 I have been following her blog/newsletter/BFF Club for a few years. I have also written a few reviews for some of her books and I am happy to brag on her a bit for this blog post. 🙂

I can’t remember how I came to love Debora Coty’s books. It may have been while I was “liking” and “following” another author or friend who posted something about her. At any rate, the very first words of her series with the same, “Too Blessed to Be Stressed“, caught my attention. Those words she wrote, how they captivated me and caused me to respond (to myself), “really? how can I live life too blessed to be stressed?”

So from there, I was hooked. I have read a few of her books and gave at least one to a friend who told me later, “she makes me laugh,” so I know her words make a difference in our lives (My friend had read, Too blessed To be Stressed for Moms & More Beauty Less Beast). Debora’s perspective urges me to take notice of those things in my life that are good, beautiful, a blessing to me, and positive. If I can keep my eyes on “Papa God” (Debora uses these words to describe God), I will be okay no mater what life seems to hand out.

Her words, “Too Blessed to be Stressed” is NOT a slogan for a tee shirt but, it is a way to live life so my emotions and attitudes do not become sinful. If you are looking for some encouraging words, I suggest you give Debora Coty a look. Between her cookbook, coloring book, and devotionals and calendar planners, something is bound to strike your fancy! I leave her social media information below for your convenience.

On another note, my blog posts may be a little sporadic in July due to me having knee surgery on the 6th. I am able to write a few articles in advance of that procedure so, maybe my friends and family won’t forget about me while I take a “break” to recover with my new knee. I will be praying for you and your family. I hope you can take time this summer to do those things you can’t get to in other seasons of the year. Or, take time to read a book. Do something fun! Have a refreshing summer! Keep your perspective up! 🙂

You can find Debora on FB with her name: Debora Coty