What Your Heart Needs ….

This summer I had the great pleasure of reading a book by a “new” author (at least she is new to me) Holley Gerth, called, What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days. Reading this book is like a fresh brewed cup of ones’ favorite beverage perfectly crafted for the encouragement of ones’ soul! 🙂 The best part of reading Holley’s book is that this cup of words is a bottomless one for us, the readers! So, we will find, there are new truths and revelations for our spiritual lives that can be dived into as we continuously delve into this well of words. From the moment I ripped open the package and begin to cruise through her book, I was gripped, delightfully, by it’s uplifting and positive words based on the only book that matters (if you are a believer in Jesus Christ), The Holy Bible. Check out Holley Gerths’ book, What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days and see how your heart can be transformed anew!

( I have received this book freely from Revell & its’ author. This in no way impacts my review. I have written honestly, from my perspective, on how I like/dislike this book).