A song & video by my brother David Buie.

I am creating a very brief blog post today due to personal reasons and personal obligations. I hope this song reminds you of the time and place you chose Jesus as your Savior. If you have a moment, leave a response and share when you decided to follow Christ.

I made this life changing choice during a youth retreat around age 16. I believe it was the month of June. After several teachers in church and in school as well as parents and a few friends, I made this decision for myself. As a preacher’s kid, I grew up in a Christian home. Knowing about God, The Bible, and Jesus were as common as breathing in my family. 🙂 This was and is a blessing! But, choosing to make Jesus my own friend and savior was something my parents taught us is something that everyone must decide on their own at some point in life.

Even being over 5o years old now, this is still the greatest choice and the greatest joy in my life. What about you?

Book Review:  Hearts on Lonely Mountain by A.M. Heath

Book Review: Hearts on Lonely Mountain by A.M. Heath

Anita M. Heath is a new author for me and I truly enjoyed her tale of Ivory, Ben, and Gerrit. These lovely characters have such an amazing story of survival and of what it means to “love your neighbor as yourself” amidst a town full of some pretty suspicious and prejudice people. What I admire most about this novel is that this is historical fiction with stories of librarians on horseback during the 1930’s. These brave ladies who loved books and education more than themselves, brought such understanding to those they served. As one who is a book worm and loves words, it was no problem to stay up and read this book until I got to the last page! I found myself wanting to ride along with the lady librarians as they delivered books to locals who lived in those tough times of the depression in the 1930’s. I wanted to cheer for Ivory as she struggled to make friends with the towns people; they were so superstitious of her. What challenges she faced in just coming to their town.
If you are looking for a story to refresh your soul and one that may make you laugh and even sniffle some then, this book might be for you!

This is a stand alone novel that is in a series of others books that include stories of librarians on horseback. I received an ARC from the author to help provide an honest opinion about her narrative. My thoughts, as typed here, are my own.

Image may contain: 1 person, sky, tree, outdoor and nature, text that says 'Heard tell. she killed a cow. Heart Lonely Mountain A.M.Heath Life in Willow Hollow wasn' 't as easy as Ivory had thought. Christian Fiction by A.cM Heath Releazing Sept. 1st Pre-order ebook @ .99'
Hearts on Lonely Mountain

Summer Book Review: Suddenly Forever by Teresa Tysinger

One of the best things about my summer was having time to read a few new books. I am happy to say, I was glad to be a part of Teresa Tysinger’s street team for her upcoming book, Suddenly Forever. It is funny though, because I normally don’t choose clean romances to be a part of my TBA pile (To be Read). But, when it comes to Teresa’s books, I really can’t help myself in reading them!

Teresa’s book deals with hope in the midst of dark grief and pain among the lives of the characters who reside in Laurel Cove, N.C. It is a beautiful place to come home to, even if you are just reading about this peaceful place. The three characters, who are neighbors in Laurel Cove, make unlikely friends as they each harbor secret suffering that only by living on the lake will they find the inner peace they all three so long for.

The novel offers readers three individuals; a best selling author, a widow, and a Pulitzer prize winning photojournalist, whose stories are about to collide in ways that you will find out when you read the book!

Suddenly Forever is due out October 6th but, you can pre order the book at the link provided here. Don’t miss this compelling story.