Plan B

I carry in my purse, a notepad I picked up from a thrift store. The cover caught my eyes and I just had to have it, especially after I read the poem inside.

As you can see from the photos above, the title is called, Life Is All About Plan B. The poem inside tells a quick thought about how we all love Plan A. Plan A is where everything works out just as we planned. Nothing goes wrong in this plan.

But, life can really throw some curve balls and events and people can enter our lives so nothing seems familiar. “What do I do then?”, the poem asks? Do I throw in the towel? Do I scream or whine? Do I see the interruptions as God and His hands in my life? Do I choose to be stronger in my faith in Him than I usually am? Do I choose to roll with the flow and make the best I can of the situation?

This poem reminds me that I have a choice about how I respond to the changes that seem to crash into my life from moment to moment. The Bible tells me so many things about how to live in God’s strength. I think of passages like, ” I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” I recall a verse that reads like this, ” A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” Hhmmm, sounds like my character should be one that chooses the wiser things of God. Another verse reads, “My grace is sufficient for you.” As a follower of Christ, there is always hope in the midst of a mess.

What about you, friend? How do you chose to respond to the many changes life can bring? What offers you help and hope as you try to overcome the difficulties? How is your character developed in trying times? Who or what do you turn to for spiritual help? How do you handle Plan B?

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8 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. Absolutely true. I have definitely learned that it doesn’t matter how I want it to go. God‘s plan will prevail. So whether that is my plan or not, that’s the plan to hold to!


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