Detours, Roadblocks, and Departures

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I usually enjoy catching up on reading during the summer months. My local library always provides a reading challenge for bookworms of all ages and this year is no exception for me. I have had time to read about three or four different books and even began reading a couple of resource type books for writers. I have been able to participate in a summer tradition and it has been lovely.

What hasn’t been so great are the plans I had for my summer that will not become a reality. Due to my need for surgery, I am not able to vacation the way I would have liked to. I also cannot garden and create a beautiful display of fragrance and flower and herbs like I would love to do. I also can not really enjoy the sunshine as I have to recover and participate in physical therapy in order to be well. There are lots of disappointments I consider as I reflect on my summer.

Photo from Summer Book Club 2019

As a believer in Jesus and as one who tries to follow His teachings, I know that even in my disappointment, God can still bring something beautiful from my broken dreams and hopes. I think of scripture from Romans 8:28,

” We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him…”

I am reminded that with God there is always hope and that He promises to be with us/me always in life. God’s truth is just as He states in Romans, “He will and does make all things good” and so, I wait to see how God will surprise my life in the days ahead. I also choose to be grateful for those things He has provided for me so that I am a more healthy person. I can be thankful for a surgery that, though painful, brought healing. What a praise!

What about you, friend? What gives you hope today? Where do you turn for guidance when disappointments come? What has your summer been like? Can you count your blessings instead of grieving what you couldn’t have? Believe me, I am also speaking to myself as I write this.

I pray and hope that whatever events are taking place in your life this summer, you can still find reasons to rejoice and to be grateful. Choosing to praise may not be the easiest thing to do but, I am sure time spent in the narrow path of faith with God will lead us to peace. Isn’t such peace, hope, and joy as God gives priceless? Enjoy your summer and be blessed.

16 thoughts on “Detours, Roadblocks, and Departures

  1. I pray your knee will heal and you will be able to enjoy those activities you are missing right now. Thank you for reminding us that there is hope in Him. Hope in Him at all times. Have a blessed weekend dear friend. πŸ™‚

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  2. We can always find God in the detours of life. God is in charge and will use them for our rest or redirection and that is where I put my trust. Thanks for giving me something good to ponder.

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  3. This has been a challenging year for us all, some more than others, depending on our health, our family dynamics and safety, and any number of other complications during this pandemic. Thank God for Jesus! Without his sustaining nearness and comfort how would we navigate the challenges of life while groaning alongside the rest of the world during this hard time! God bless! Press on!

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  4. So true. Sometimes a situation seems sad and awful, boring or drab. But God works ALL things to His glory! There is beauty in this season for you and for Him.

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  5. Though disappointments in people and circumstances abound, God has recently been teaching me: he does not disappoint! Though people often fall short of our expectations, we can- must!- expect great things from Him! Romans 8:28 remains a favorite; thanks for the reminder that father knows best!

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  6. I find it difficult sometimes to acknowledge that my circumstances are God’s way of directing me to use my time differently. You point the need to do that work well. Thanks and God bless you with restored health!

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  7. Thanks for your prayers Nancy! You are right that it is a challenge when God alters your plans and urges you to use your time differently. πŸ™‚ But, we both know He knows best and trusting Him in the change is where my life usually finds the greatest joys.


  8. Love and relate to this:”I know that even in my disappointment, God can still bring something beautiful from my broken dreams and hopes.” Yes, that is something the Lord has shown me over and over and over again. God still makes beauty from ashes.

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    • Karen, thanks for taking the time to read my blogpost. In our fast paced world we often miss the blessings of slowing down long enough to read a few sentences of actual print! πŸ™‚ Blessings to you & yours!


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