On a Summer Tide

written by, Suzanne Woods Fisher

Book Review by Diane Buie

One of the most fun things I experienced this summer was meeting with friends for a Book Club “Meet & Eat”. 🙂 I am a great fan of Suzanne’s works and have read many of her Amish based novels like, Phoebe’s Light and Anna’s Crossing, just to name a few. Reading her most recent novel, On a Summer Tide, was simply refreshing to me. If it’s true that books can be their own “vacation’ for us then, I spent time in Maine on Three Sisters Island and it was tremendous. I wish I did not have to leave.

I found the characters on Three Sisters Island to be realistic, flawed, and in need of God’s grace with new beginnings and in letting go of past hurts or disappointments. As I read this story, I laughed with the characters. I cried with them and I was joyful with them when something wonderful was taking place.

If you need a novel to “take you away” so you can be renewed then, this book is for you. You will not be disappointed in taking time to enjoy the many happenings on Three Sisters Island. On a Summer Tide could be your “book-cation”. Enjoy!

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