A Change of Season

Maybe it has been the ovens, stoves, and steamers I have been working around this summer but, it seems to me it has been a HOT summer!  Summer is a great time of year, don’t get me wrong but, after the season should end and it doesn’t then, we can have problems.  🙂  I enjoy something from each of the seasons God made for us and try to keep an upbeat and grateful attitude about life in general but, this summer has challenged my patience and my endurance.  Summer officially ended in late September and just today, the middle of October, the winds have finally changed to bring a refreshing coolness that has long been anticipated.

The almost constant heat and the lengthy hours at my job in the bakery ( and school kitchens) both played a big impact on my summer.  I had determined in my mind that I would and could make it through despite what obstacles lay in my way each day ; grumbling co workers, a longer than expected shift, more confections to bake than the production list shows, my miscount of pastries for the designated pans,  and on and on my days went.

But oh; today, how the winds blow crisp “air conditioned” puffs of  invisible restoration!  How delightful!  I could just sit here in this evenings breezes and just rest!  The  hard work was worth it to be captured and invigorated by this lovely change of seasons.  What relief!  🙂

My spirit reflects on Gods’ Word at this evenings’ juncture.  Galatians 6:9 reminds me to not “lose heart in doing good, for in due season  we will reap if we do not grow weary”  (NASB).  I pause in this writing and ask myself, “did I accomplish my personal goals I had set for myself in these past months?”  “The various prayer needs I gave to God, are those all answered”?  “where am I in my own spiritual season”? “How would I describe my souls’ season this evening”?

Well, some of the goal were accomplished.  A few of  the prayers were provided for.  Some remain unanswered and a few goals are still to be achieved yet; I  still wait in hope upon God to reveal and to guide in both my prayer needs and in my personal goals.  I am praying and am optimistic that my “reaping” may be “due (in this) season.”  🙂  My life certainly is in need of winds to blow out the old and to bring in the new.  No matter how long it takes or how I have to endure God still promises that things  do not remain the same.  I cling to the hope that I can only find in God and in His Word.  Do not lose heart, God WILL bring the change.  🙂

Thank you God that seasons change.  Help me in your Word to remain so I can grow through pain and rain. Seasons come and seasons go, help me be wise in what I  reap and  in what I sow.  Amen.


**Giveaway:  To the first person who comments on this blog, I will send/give you one of the books I received this summer from an author giveaway package!   A devotional called, “The One Year Experiencing God’s Love Devotional” by Sandra Byrd, is the book the first commenter wins!  Thanks for reading this blog and I pray for you and yours to grow deeper in your walk with God.****

2 thoughts on “A Change of Season

  1. We all need reminders to keep on keeping on!
    The promise of reaping if we faint not, is a great one to hang onto.

    I also try to enjoy whatever season I am in, but have to admit, Autumn is my favorite!


    • Thanks, Jan, for your comments! I enjoy seeing what friends & family think of my words!! 🙂 You are right, “faint not” is a great reminder to remain faithful to see what God will do in situations He asks us to endure in!

      My favorite seasons are Spring and Summer. Winter is my least favorite because it is soooooo cold usually. Being cold is not fun! 🙂


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