Summer Gratitude

It has been a very good summer for me! When I stop for a moment and consider the encouraging and enjoyable events of the past 3 or 4 months, I have to smile and say, “Thanks, God.” 🙂   “I have enjoyed a really good summer!”   Not everything in my summer was happy and joyful and I did not get to enjoy a lot of things I had on my mind to do like, take a week vacation but, through it all, I choose to be grateful for those things that were positive for me!

As many of you know, I enjoy books and reading and this summer has been HUGE in the way of books and writing.  For starters, I have been a member of three authors’ “street teams” as one who offers a customer review on various websites for books.  All three of these authors are with Worthy Publishing.  The great part of being on a street team are the free books you receive.  I have been blessed to have had 4 books sent to me by these authors:  Cynthia Ruchti, M.J. Thomas, and Katherine Schwarzenegger.  Two of these authors wrote books for children and Cynthia writes both devotional and non fiction novels.

What I enjoy most about Cynthia’s stories are the elements of hope in Jesus that all of her characters find or struggle to find.  Her non fiction book, As My Parents Age, is devotional and has just as much hope in it as do her novels.

I had the awesome pleasure of sharing my free copy of this book to my church library!  I enjoy sharing and encouraging others with the gospel of Jesus and this  is one way I get to do that!  🙂

This book below, Maverick and Me, a real-life tale of a dog rescued and adopted by his “forever family” (Katherine).  Its a delightful story that educates and inspires any reader to love dogs and to be their friend.

Diane Buie's photo.

A book for children of ALL ages!  This also is donated to the library at church.

Another great series for Elementary children is, Mike Thomas’, Secret of the Hidden Scrolls.  The first book in the series, leads a brother and sister on a journey of time travel to the actual Biblical days of creation.  They have a task to complete while there or, they can never return home.  What do you think will happen?  What could there task be?  Is it a scroll?  Why is it hidden?  These questions and more are answered when you read the book.


So, my summer has been about books!  🙂  yes, and I even took an online writing course designed for a challenge to writers to complete a writing project in 30 days.  So, I began re- writing my story, Adventures in Mintherwood.  I still have so much more to write in this story.  It may take me until next year but, I will keep writing as I have time.  I do want to finish the tale as I think it can help children and youth understand more of how to live a Christian life.

“Right smack dab in the middle of your crazy life”, was the motto of our July writing camp retreat and yes, it was that! The month of July was full of schedules and sacrifices.  But, on the positive side, the class kept me disciplined in my time at home and helped me get organized so I could take time to write.  I ended up giving up a lot of television and movies but, actually, I did not miss much t.v as I thought I would.  So, it was all good!  I managed to complete about 25% of my book!

Another great part of summer was taking a Beth Moore online Bible study, Entrusted.       This study encouraged me to keep my faith in Christ and to present it back to Him as a gift at the end of my life.  I did not know what to expect from her study of II Timothy but, as always,  her point of view challenged me to grow further into faith in God.

Being as my summer was full of authors, books, writing customer reviews, and sometimes reading, I did actually win gift boxes from two different authors!  What gifts they were too!  I received a coffee thermos with bubbles and candy inside as well as two gift cards to shop with (one was for Barnes and Noble, imagine that?!), as well as books, and a container of teas and chocolates!  What more could a girl want, right?!

One of the last great things of my summer has been the start of a writing group with a few friends from church.  After some conversation and sharing about the writing conference I attended in March of this year, God led me and my friends to create our own writing team.  We have met once last month and have plans to meet next week so we can share our writings and pray for each other as we seek to be writers of faith for God.  I wonder what God will do in us and with us as we meet to write for Him and for His glory?!

It has been a good summer of working nights at the doughnut shop, reading books and writing reviews as well as trying to write a story myself, going to church, studying the Bible more and trying to socialize with friends and family.  Maybe that is what summer is; spending time in the sunshine/Sonshine, being with friends and family, and working to keep ones’ life going forward.

So, to celebrate summers’ ending in just a few more days, I thought to post this Disney movie clip from Frozen.   The character, Olaf, is a  silly, comedic snowman who, in his naivete, loves the  summer sun but does not realize its’  effects on his cool, little snow man body.  Olaf is content to dance and sing about his love of summer and what he will do when the season changes from winter to summer.  I hope this video and song makes you laugh and reflect on what God has done in your life this summer.  I know God is always working in our lives and He works for our good in all things ( Romans 8:28-29).  My prayer for you and for me as this blog ends is praise and peace for God and for His presence in our life.

Blessings to you and yours,

Diane Buie


3 thoughts on “Summer Gratitude

  1. Diane, I enjoyed your blog very much. I often wondered why people blog, and if anyone reads them (I had never read one before!). Now I understand. Your blog is an insight into you: What you do, how you think, and what you value. Very interesting.


  2. Diane, I really enjoyed reading your blog post, and hearing of the joy you’ve received from reading, writing, and trusting the Lord! I’m so proud of you for organizing your writing group, and pray for you as continue to pursue that interest. The Olaf video clip at the end of your post is such fun. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!!


  3. Thanks friends for you comments and for the time you took to leave a reply. I know the business of life we live. 🙂 Glad, too, that my words and thoughts made you laugh, left you with some hope of God and maybe made your day a bit better than it was. Words have that power and if you are delighted by them, then my writing is not in vain! 🙂 I do realize (after much thought after writing the blog) that my whole summer was about surrender to God and to His will for my life. Maybe that is why I had to choose gratitude in light of those things that were disappointing. Thanks for your faith and friendship.


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