Book Reviews: Cynthia Ruchti’s books are always hemmed in hope!

Since I am beginning to blog again after being gone from this site for about two years, I have some things to catch up on here.  I have been busy living life and getting settled to live in Greer and although I have not written much here, books have continued to be a part of my  (almost daily) life.

I have been a reviewer of books for a few different authors and wanted to catch up with one of the most simply profound new authors, Cynthia Ruchti.  I had the pleasure of reading two of her most recent works, Restoring Christmas and As My Parents Age.  Both books have the ever common thread of God’s hope that weaves and stitches together words to create artwork that inspires the most loving of hearts OR the most tired of hearts.  Wherever we find ourselves on that broad spectrum of gauging what our hearts need in the season  we live our lives, one will find Cynthia’s words  (whether fiction or non fiction) to be fulfilling and more than satisfying.  Her books are like a warm blanket on a cold, winter evening and also like a nourishing meal to one that is hungry and in sore need of sustenance.  So, go ahead.  Choose either one to read today and you will be glad you did! Don’t miss being inspired.

You can find her books at Worthy Publishing website, local bookstores and maybe even the public library as well as Cynthia Ruchti’s website.   Cynthia’s website



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