Me, Myself and I

ImageAs I am still new to this “blogging” thing, I am hoping to include a little information about myself and my current life here in SC. 

I am single. I work fulltime with a local Marketing company in Greer.  I have lived here in SC since we moved to Greer in 1986.  I have two brothers and three sisters along with nieces, nephews and their children as well!  Life is full for a single lady like myself and although I have no family of my own, I stay pretty busy that I feel like I have one!!!  🙂  I am blessed with friends, locally and even globally, and I am grateful for my life and those who are in it!  🙂  May you be blessed today!

2 thoughts on “Me, Myself and I

    • Thanks Gabriele! 🙂 I was hoping to get your info with FM and etc linked to my blog! You read my mind! 🙂 The pics are from a 2-3 years ago from my experiences with Upstate Christian Singles in Greenville, SC!


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